Comprehensive Services

Our contracted agencies offer a range of services to address the multifaceted aspects of mental health and wellness. These services include:

Traditional and Telehealth Therapy

Individual and group therapy sessions, both in-office and through telehealth platforms.

Equine (Horse) Assisted Therapy

Therapeutic interventions utilizing the unique connection between individuals and horses, fostering emotional growth.

Art Therapy, Play Therapy, Music, and Mindfulness Treatment

Creative and expressive therapies that integrate mindfulness practices, promoting holistic well-being.

Trauma-Informed Massage and Bodywork

Therapeutic interventions addressing trauma and stress through body-centered practices.

Charter School-Based Mental Health

Tailored mental health support within the educational environment for students.

Licensed Chemical Health Assessment and Treatment Coordination

Specialized services addressing chemical health needs in a supportive and coordinated manner.

Nutritionist Services (Health At Every Size)

Holistic nutritional support grounded in the principles of Health At Every Size (HAES).

Meditative Training/Psychoeducation/Therapy Practices

Cultivation of mindfulness, meditation, and psychoeducational practices to enhance mental well-being.

At Affinity Healing Collective, these values guide our journey towards a more compassionate, accessible, and equitable mental health landscape. We strive to create a community where healing is holistic, inclusive, and empowering for all.

Thank you for being a part of our community. Let’s journey towards a brighter and more compassionate future together.